Motorcycle Tie-Down Kit


Our Motorcycle Tie-Down kit is tailor-made to keep your Motorcycle secure!


  • Secure your Motorcycle, ATV, or Snowmobile with this Cam-Lock Tie-Down Kit
  • Cam-Lock Tie-Downs are fast and easy to use with a bike or can be used for just general use to secure cargo.
  • Includes four – 1″ x 10′ Cam-Lock Tie Downs with Soft-Ties, four SpeedWraps, and one Small Carry Bag
  • Built-in Soft Tie ends allow you to wrap the strap around handlebars, bumpers, or tow bars without scratching the paint
  • Rubberized S Hooks with built-in Retention Clips keep hooks in place
  • Rated at 2,500 lb (MRC), 833 lb (SWL)
  • Available in Black or Red